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Coach’s Country Store & Catering Inc. first opened in 1976 when Mike "Coach" Edwards and wife, Sheila, purchased property in Stonewall, Texas to start their family. Eager to make a living, the Edwards started planting peach trees on their property and after 4 years they finally got their first big crop.


Young Judge

The store is still owned and operated by the Edwards family. With deep roots in the Stonewall and Fredericksburg communities, Coach’s carries local fresh peaches and other produce, specialty foods and other quality craft items.

Most items are locally sourced from trusted partners such as farms, canneries, candle makers, wineries, and breweries. We also have our line of private label small batch peach and other berry preserves jams and jellies. Fresh produce grown on our farm located between Stonewall and Fredericksburg is also available seasonally.

Young Judge with Coach, Stonewall, TX
Store, Stonewall, TX
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