Our Farm

The Edwards family farm is located between Fredericksburg and Stonewall.

Our peach orchard has over 20 varieties which bare fruit from mid may through mid September on a producing year.

When planting peach trees, we choose varieties based on resilience to various weather conditions, and most importantly the quality of the fruit that we will be producing.

In addition, we grow tomatoes, various peppers, various melons, cucumbers, and squash.

At Coach’s we carry an array of quality items, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan foods such as gourmet canned products and other craft items.

All of our products are home grown or handmade, so the menu changes regularly depending on seasons, availability, and other factors that affect local farms, wineries, breweries and artisans.

As a sample of what we carry, here are a few items that you will enjoy on your visit to Coach’s Country Store and Catering Inc.

In season and if available some examples of fresh produce that we carry:

Peaches Melons (Various types) Tomatoes (Various types) Peppers (various types) Plumbs Green Beans Corn Cucumbers Squash Berries (Various Types)

Ice Cream & Baked Goods:

Homemade Peach Ice Cream Homemade Peach Pie

Canned Goods:

Peach Preserves Peach Jam Peach Jelly Tomato Preserves Salsas BBQ Sauces Various Berry Jams & Jelly’s Flavored Pastas Pickles (Various Types) Pickled Okra

Beer & Wine:

Craft beer of Texas & Wine from local wineries

A sample of some of our great sources of products:

Pedernales Brewing (Fredericksburg TX) Real Ale (Blanco TX) Zenner Orchards (Fredericksburg TX) Fikes Family Farm (Fredericksburg TX) Gourmet Gardens (Rusk TX) Shane Foods (San Antonio TX) Circle E Candles (Fredericksburg TX) 4.0 Cellers (Fredericksburg, TX) Sister Creek Vineyards (Sisterdale TX) Becker Vineyards (Stonwall, TX) Fisher & Wieser (Fredericksburg, TX) Opas Smoked Meats (Fredericksburg, TX) Whittingtons Jerky ( Johnson City,TX) Fredericksburg Fudge Co. (Fredericksburg, TX) Savory Fine Foods (Navasota, TX)

Coach's Country Store

16619 E. US Highway 290,

Stonewall, TX 78671

Phone. 830-644-2623

Email. judge@coachstx.com